What is Asthma

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Asthma can be defined as a long-term condition affecting the airway and lungs, which can at certain times be severe, and others asymptomatic. In a similar way to allergies, different triggers can cause what are called asthma attacks in people that have the condition.

For asthma, there are many different triggers which could bring about an attack, but some of the most common ones are smoke and dust. If you have been prescribed the right treatment and you stick to it, the chances of having an asthma attack are greatly reduced. People with asthma should normally visit a doctor or an asthma nurse once a year to make sure that their treatment is working and that the condition is not progressively getting worse. However, should you notice an obvious deterioration in your condition, you must go to the doctor straight away, as the treatment might need to be reconsidered or changed. Also, there may be signs of other underlying health conditions that were not there before.

The common treatment for asthma is to be given two inhalers, one blue and one brown. This may however differ depending on the brand. We will go into the effects on the anatomy in greater detail later, as well as what the treatment actually is.