Managing and Living with Asthma

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Ideally, even if someone has asthma they will not experience symptoms. This is because nowadays, most people can manage their symptoms either via simply avoiding what triggers them or by taking their prescribed medicine in the correct manner and at the correct times. Should their asthma flare-up and start showing symptoms, the affected person should know what to do.

If you have asthma, having an action plan can be a great way to both stay aware and on top of your symptoms, but also so you and the people close to you know what to do should your symptoms flare up or you have an asthma attack. An asthma action plan will consist of a document which contains all of the information you may need, as well as what you should be doing as often as possible to reduce your symptoms. There are considerable benefits to sticking to an action plan, which includes avoiding unnecessary or preventable hospital trips.